How does it work?

How does it work?

solaCare is built to facilitate user interaction within a contained environment. We call these environments 'groups". Groups are the fundamental building blocks of all the social interaction on solaCare.

Anyone registered on solaCare can create groups. They can then invite other users to join or join groups set-up by other users. When a user joins a group, they become a 'member" and are considered 'linked" to that group, this grants them a range of privileges controlled by the administer of that group. This control over the privileges granted to linked users allows groups to be highly flexible, for example, you can create a group to act as an open discussion where all members can post new topics and images, or you can create a group that functions more like a blog where one user (or a sub-set of users) is posting the main content and the other members can view it and respond.

We believe that this approach is very powerful, it allows for relevant discussions to be documented and quickly accessed by a potentially huge number of people. Since we started development on solaCare we have been using it internally as our primary method of communication with both staff members and clients.

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