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We are updating SOLA

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  • Information about unscheduled outages if they occur
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Sent: 531 days ago.

There will be a minor SOLA Update which requires restarting SOLA.
This will be done at 3pm on Friday 9th December 2016
Please log out of SOLA before that time.

Sent: 597 days ago. Revised (6) 595 days ago.

6th Ocober :: 9 pm we will turn SOLA off and on - this takes 2 minutes
4th Ocober :: 7 pm we will turn SOLA off and on - this takes 10 minutes
We are updating SOLA over the next few months.
To start with we are making a cosmetic change which will tell us how users might cope with the new versions of SOLA. You ought to notice the new SOLA logo - and new layout for the login screen - but other than that nothing much is changing just yet!

Sent: 715 days ago.

June 2016 - SOLA running fine

Sent: 1230 days ago. Revised (1) 1230 days ago.

The transfer has been successful, and took 52 minutes.

SOLA is available once again.

Sent: 1231 days ago.

We are upgrading the SOLA platform today.

SOLA will be unavailable for about an hour - we will stop the old server at 4 pm 9th Jan 2015 and move SOLA.

The move will give us 4 times as many SOLA processors, each of which will be 50% faster than the current ones. This ought to improve the SOLA experience.

Watch this space for the most up-to-date information about the move...

Sent: 1268 days ago.

Running again...

Sent: 1269 days ago.

2nd December 2014 - recent issues logging in have been because SOLA has had too many people trying to work on it at once - we are upping the limit by 33% today at lunchtime - SOLA will disappear for a while then come back while we make the change.

Ravi Sawney

Usage has dropped to more reasonable levels - and we will do the update this evening at 5 o'clock instead.

Sent: 1269 days ago.

Sent: 1504 days ago.

Heartbleed security issue:

You may have heard about the Heartbleed security issue, recently discovered to affect 2 out of 3 of hte world's web servers.

This issue does not affect the security of either SOLA or SOLAcare.

SOLA GP Status Page
information about SOLA availability and planned maintenance
Sent: 1566 days ago.

Nothing to report since May 7th 2013

Sent: 1932 days ago.

You posted a subcomment saying: "There was no discernible cause for the interruption.
We believe that a hardware glitch was responsible, and are monitoring the equipment for further signs of this."

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